YOHO What’s on sale how does a trend media succeed in playing the electricity supplier

familiar with fashion information of the tide men, I believe that YOHO is not unfamiliar with goods, you can always find in this trend supplier website limited edition of the favorite, customized tide products.

January 2014, YOHO! Get a $30 million round of financing for the C round. Also announced that revenue in 2013 was 530 million yuan, net profit of 40 million yuan.

substantial losses in many electricity providers, even collapse batch today, there is no ground to do a lot of hard wide publicity, suddenly announced financing YOHO! The goods seem a bit like suddenly killed out of a dark horse, two consecutive years of sales exceeding the annual growth rate of 70%.

below, let’s see how a trend media successfully play the electricity supplier,

initial: differentiation from the community electricity supplier

and many of the early home appliance manufacturers, YOHO, goods are also separated from the community, and there are similar military outdoor supplies, electricity providers, iron and blood networks, maternal electricity providers, red children and so on. The characteristics of such electricity providers are generally targeted at a specific crowd to sell things, that is, we say that the sub – electricity supplier. And vertical electricity supplier is different, vertical electricity supplier is selling a specific category, such as selling shoes Le Amoy net.

YOHO! The subscriber is positioned as a 16 – 28 year old trend.

YOHO of 2005! There is only one trend magazine. Magazines often introduce many trends, wear and fashion brands. Magazines often receive complaints from two or three – tier cities that they cannot buy in these magazines. Increasingly, many users are beginning to talk about where these products are sold in YOHO’s early established communities.

this is naturally a good business opportunity, and in those years, just the emergence of electricity providers and booming time.

electricity providers have the best liquidity, so when a "community switched electricity supplier" whirlwind, it has become a favorite way of community transformation.

in addition, YOHO as a trend media, and magazines are closely related to the trend of the brand, which laid the foundation for the supplier’s supply channels.

so far, YOHO! Media + channel + three pieces are in place, business began to develop gradually.

repair: electricity supplier is the test of "line ten years

YOHO, electricity supplier business development is not smooth sailing. With the gradual expansion of the business, and YOHO, before the old people only understand the media, only understand the trend, but do not understand the electricity supplier. In the face of complex IT systems and warehouses, YOHO’s electricity supplier business development has encountered a bottleneck.

at this time, YOHO, in order to better develop the electricity supplier business, introduced in the electricity supplier industry practitioners many years of "Niu Cong laugh.". Button laugh to join YOHO, have the goods, any CEO, in charge of YOHO, electricity supplier business >