Thoughts on the future development of personal websites

rapid development of the Internet in recent years, the number of the personal website of the network tends to grow exponentially, cornucopia, many young students, It entrepreneurs have joined to the person standing in the tide, for the low starting point, small investment, high return industry may, many people have chosen the road station. Of course, for the increasingly fierce competition in the network, but also to the now engaged in the station has brought more pressure and test. Internet development for more than 10 years, all of these changes will let us have a lot of insights and thinking. Future personal Adsense how to develop the road, in the end what will these future, these are what we are worth thinking about.

last year from CN domain restrictions, BT, music, video, forums, etc. website types are subject to certain requirements, hinder the development of many websites, a good web site operators need an innovative project, and a feasible strategy in the future, if people do not find small a suitable site for the development of the Road, in a few years these sites will be destroyed. The site’s profit is not only the advertising alliance, and these are a lot of uncertain factors, the equivalent of our life and death have survived in the hands of others, has a real value and significance of the site, not just because others survived, but by his own blood made. From large to small, China’s Web sites are millions of, these huge figures to promote employment problems of tens of thousands of people.

in the face of the growth of the number of Internet, e-commerce will definitely be the main force for future development, because the most direct profit point is business. If in the next few years to play a good user base relationship, train a group of loyal users, I think in the future development of this site survival is also very helpful. Any new market will have plenty of people to walk in, and only those skilled people who come back alive. Therefore, the fate of the future web site development is the inevitable thinking that we all stand. Many people will choose to give up this profession in a certain time, and engage in other industries, of course, this is also very normal and inevitable.

‘s plan for Taobao’s launch is to prepare potential e-commerce sites for better value and potential shopping networks. This market is always changing, and any uncertain factors are what we think. Of course, we should try to find a specific job and strive for it, which needs us to find out. The change of new things will bring about the struggle of old things.

hope our compatriots webmaster can environment where serious thinking, in accordance with its own reality, to see which way to go for their own site in the end, these are the key. Finally I wish our webmaster countrymen Qiantu bright.