There is still an opportunity for domain name investing in the nternet

During the renovation of

networks, the issue of domain name becomes very sensitive, especially the adjustment of CN domain name registration policy is a headache. In the boom period, domain name investment is also a good choice, and many people realize the accumulation of business and wealth through domain name investment.

A5 forum January 21st version, inviting well-known domain name investors put together to discuss the "Yue investment domain" very period, discuss the current network environment, what is the impact on the investment domain, what kind of domain name is the value of the investment, people do stand what to avoid problems such as domain name. This paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.

: Hello, guest, is there any investment value for CN now?


answer: of course, with investment value, a good thing will not die because of a wave, of course, the impact is still there. Boutique.CN, the value will not have much volatility, because buyers are enterprises and the strength of the webmaster, they have to do stand, or have to buy domain names. General domain name, influence or some, because buyers groups are webmaster, they are more and more choose the COM, so the middle and lower CN have influence.

asked: "CN domain name policy adjustment on Baidu included meters, snapshots, meters, PR meters, how much impact


Baidu included snapshot meters, PR meters meters, I personally think that only minor gameplay, not too much. It is recommended to invest more and streamline the quantity, so that it can be easily managed and circulated quickly.

asked: CN domain name registration policy is now adjusted, but many people do not optimistic about the CN domain name, how do you see the future of the CN domain name market?


CN is just before you register, just what you do, as long as you do, as long as you are not afraid of death, this time the adjustment should be standardized, the real name system, who do the whole station out of order, who, whether you use CN or COM. CN, after all, is China’s own domain name, will certainly become more and more valuable, because the user base has been increasing. CN is now hunters, but not blindly, and then voted again.

: the guest’s point of view is that.Cn still has the market, you can invest. As long as the norms do, there will be harvested


answer: Yes, now CN hunters, but not blindly, and then cast.

asked: the guest is not professional rice farmers, can not disclose, now how much money


answer: in fact, each industry has great profit margins, otherwise, the industry will die out. Domain name investment is just an easy way to invest, and he needs you to have a wide range of knowledge. Connections are important in this area. Many friends find me directly and sell me domain names because they don’t know anyone. Maybe I got it very cheap, and then I could sell it at a good price. That’s the connections. Men go up, I will hereafter