Website promotion how to improve customer loyalty

traffic has always been a top priority in Web management. Increase the site visits basically has two ways: one is to attract new visitors, the key is how many sites, make your site to grab the attention of the users, this is the CPU giant Intel company chairman Andy. Grove image is called "war for eyeballs"; two is to attract repeat customers, the focus is on how to retain users, increasing user loyalty to the site. Here mainly for second problems elaborate.

"Customers are like factories and equipment, and they’re an asset," says Widle, an American economist at

." Brand loyalty is a measure of customer ‘s brand sentiment, reflecting the degree to which a customer is likely to switch to another brand. Marketing with brand loyalty has become a hot topic of Western marketing in the middle of the 1990s. In order to maintain sustained growth in profits, the company’s vision is from the number of market share, the quality of the special market share, and this must be achieved through the establishment and consolidation of brand loyalty.

complete site assets are made up of visibility, image, content / quality of service, proprietary technology, and user loyalty to the site. Loyalty is one of the core components of website assets. It is closely related to the use of experience, and is partly affected by popularity, image, content / service quality and so on.

first, loyalty is the key to the success of the site

in the Internet era, the importance of customers has been raised to an unprecedented height, and it has become the key to the success of e-commerce. To some extent, customer relationship plus business model has been hailed as the secret of success in e-commerce.

this is because the development of business in Internet, website promotion, investment in infrastructure (hardware, system software, application software, communication facilities, etc.) to support infrastructure (line communication system maintenance, page maintenance, website promotion, access connection etc.) the cost is very high, which makes the crucial repeat business. If a company is only selling articles at the product level, and bad customer relations, then even if its site is very good, it is also destined not to succeed.

‘s research on e-commerce leaders has found that, although each company adopts different patterns, they all have 3 conditions: information technology, applications and management, customer relations, and profit structure.

The model of

Cisco is the most typical. This company makes enterprises in the use of Internet more efficiency has become a leader, from employees, training, work group, external partners to order and customer service service, companies are constantly for the online trading business activities in the development of new applications, the site has become one of the world’s largest commercial Internet site the current. The foundation of this success is that it closely connects business with buyers and suppliers through Internet.

its representative practices are: