The intelligence of the stationmaster and if foolish

I always see a lot of webmaster, every day in the discussion of optimization, and discuss the topic such as baidu. Many webmaster always care about more than IP, but on the website itself product competition and service discussion very little. Many webmaster is more of the reputation, it is important to promote the concept of a person, sobs.

today’s Internet, the pattern has been formed, as ordinary Caomin webmaster have few opportunities too much, I am not against everyone’s enthusiasm, in fact, determined by the market supply and demand. Well, in this very small chance of development, the webmaster should have a clear understanding, at least should know the size of the network interdependence relationship. Here, I particularly admire the anti Baidu ( founder (so far, I do not know its name, but this man who is the representative of ordinary webmaster do exist).

first note, here is absolutely no anti AD degree, and the webmaster I still did not make any deal. This is on the recommendation of friends, on the network. The website realizes soberly the fundamental interest that small stationmaster develops in the future, thorough and Baidu forestall draw the line, the courage that is opposite Baidu net stationmaster is admirable truly. His courage is in line with the future direction of the ordinary stationmaster. Caomin webmaster known the sober to this problem, you’re probably from the baidu traffic on some soup, or from the Baidu alliance got some income, but the loss is our Caomin webmaster, it is The loss outweighs the gain..

well, let me say these, you were each one according to his lights.

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