For this technical methodology Tencent spent seventeen years polishing it over and over again


, WeChat, mobile phones, QQ, mobile Qzone, games and applications treasure, Tencent mobile terminal is the five platform. These products, which have vast numbers of users, involve numerous small, trivial technical details when operating. For example, the Tencent method mentioned in the book, WeChat and mobile phone QQ SDK (Software development kit, software development kit) determines the third party game access and user data privacy. Mobile game payment systems and data analysis require a large number of inter departmental technical collaboration. To co-ordinate these technical details, it is the Tencent itself a complete set of technical methodology.

at the first Tencent cloud technology summit, Tencent Inc vice president Yao Xing complete introduction to the overall technical development of Tencent context.

massive stage: 1998~2004 years on behalf of products: QQ and Tencent game

The first stage of

Tencent’s technological evolution is "massive phase".

in 2001, the total number of online users of QQ was over 1 million. In 2004, QQ was 5 million users. In the same year, QQ game users also exceeded 1 million online.

although the rapid growth of users, but the actual Tencent did not explore a victory over the same period rivals profit model. In 1998, both Sina and NetEase were doing IM. Therefore, Tencent can only choose to use better technology, lower costs to support services, and rivals to spell costs.

at that time, in the background stand-alone support capacity, when QQ users from 100 thousand to 1 million, the stand-alone processing capacity in the industry more than 10 times more than competitors. This number is equivalent to someone else’s machine, can only do 1000 online connections, Tencent can do 10 thousand. This is an important technological innovation in the mass phase – the PCT framework.

Tencent is very particular about using some of the key supporting points to use the good steel on the edge of the knife.

QQ has a specific case. QQ has a lot of tags about members, and Tencent would not like to use 1 bytes of Byte for each tag, using 1 bits Bit. File storage is used on major storage.

Tencent believes that a lot of scenarios do not have to use a generic database to solve the problem, with some simple data processing methods, but will be cheaper and more efficient. This budget for technology saves better technology resources and leaves them for critical use scenarios.

at this point, Google and Tencent have similar judgments. Google’s first web page has been like this for years, and it’s very simple. Everyone thinks it’s an ultimate performance. In fact, through the "capture" found that Google’s home is less than 1.5K.