Local classified information network should discover illegal information in time

got it this morning. The server provider’s phone, said the Tianjin supervisor to contact them. There was an illegal information on the www.menhou.com behind the door. I was shocked. I asked the phone about the situation. It might be some illegal rubbish information. I didn’t find it in time. So just let the network to see. The door closed network. Hey, I’m in a hurry. Lima came home, this problem opens the website, then goes into the background and deletes the illegal information. That’s why it’s so peaceful.

it’s just a lesson. A good lesson. It’s too late to learn the lesson when there’s really something big. Good good. Hey. Or change it. Keywords shielding with accreditation, a lot of people in the door after the net release permit information. I have no attention to the traffic flow. Ha ha…… There are people in advertising. Income a month advertising. But think carefully. In order to give up a little interest. After the journey, not worth it? No, no, not at all. Haha. So the last card worth people call. Let me put the advertisement. The price is high and I refuse to. Sometimes I thought about it if it was against the law. Why Baidu dare to rush home to promote these keywords? But in view… Why everywhere on the streets do card advertising we see is not comfortable to clean it, is still illegal. Ah,… Also eliminate it. Users also a clear platform… Have to continue to protect the rubbish the information. It’s good to find it in time. Thank you for the "zero moment" in Tianjin. Prompt reminder! It’s not easy for grass root webmaster to do it. In time, garbage information is deleted. Avoid server providers shutting down our space.

            recently there have been many sites open online. 56.com zhantai.com network platform. The one I love the pattern classification information network. I have been in imitation of him but recently open don’t know why. Hey. Hard station so hung up? PS:admin5.com is very slow speed. A recent article for a long time can not open the page. I don’t know why Tianjin Netcom Internet.