Lin Haoming webmaster independent blog how to write and write the flavor

now independent blog has become a webmaster in the minds of a best share of the stage, so many webmaster have registered their own domain name, bought space, began his independent blog career. At present, many of my friends have independent blog, teacher Tang Shijun, classmate Xiao Rong, friend of a dark mine is my disciple. They also share their experiences on blogs, and since blogs are the stage where we share, we all want to share more of our reading and communication reviews. But many webmaster think blog with do the same station, want to optimize well, included in good, there is flow. Not really. Blog is different from other stations. Today, Lin Haoming for everyone to talk about why not the same.

blog not included, there will be traffic?


just made a website, no traffic is normal, because you are not a celebrity, produce no celebrity effect. Because you do not include, so will not get the search engine traffic. But the blog can be also not included in the flow, we can add up Lou loose blog, blog articles as long as you are in your QQ group released the latest update, in connection with your blog, so you have to read your article webmaster. Lin Haoming experience also realize the benefits of the big blog, can make their views get more webmaster comments.


have traffic without joining the big blog,


actually, I’ve written a Lin Haoming before: a summary of the independent blog, why should I write that summary?. At that time, my teacher asked me to collect 100 independent blogs. At the beginning, I didn’t know the significance of making my mobile phone. But after a period of time, we have enough for a visit and read carefully through his collection of independent blog comments. Also got a part of stationmaster’s return visit. If you are a newbie, you can use this method to collect a good blog.

visits blogs without paying a return visit to

this problem, I believe many webmaster have encountered, but I think this problem should ask yourself. According to Lin Haoming’s understanding of the return visit, the possibility is only 3 possibilities,

one, you did not seriously Baidu blogger content, just a perfunctory reply (learning, thank you, share, etc.). I’ve tried it for some time before, but I don’t have a high turnover rate. With Lu Songsong blogger, why he would visit my blog, because I read his article, doubt I will direct questions, because I have to respect the blogger’s work, so he will respect me to make a return visit. We should all have heard: you respect people a foot, people will respect you".

two, too many messages, blogger will not necessarily every return visit, but we persevere. You always believe him to return, as long as you are holding, study and exchange form read access to every blog. Over time, it’s easy to make friends through blogging.

three, your blog has no access value. I write blogs not only to respect other people’s content, but also to respect my blog