nternet business success nine avoid common mistakes

in the process of building a new station, often because of lack of experience, made a lot of primary mistakes. Although these mistakes can also play a role in a short period of time, but often lead to the subsequent development of a lot of problems. In this chapter, we will introduce and analyze the mistakes that often occur in the building site, and explain the correct method of site building for reference.

one, take the doctrine of the station is not desirable,

1. brought doctrine source, site risk

many owners in the establishment of the time, various programs tend to download online website, such as want to do a music website, find a source station to download a music program, often the number of hours you can build a relatively perfect site look.

features: simple and convenient, site building speed.

time: when novices station, some of the website system do not understand.

may lead to consequences: easy to exist all kinds of back door, loopholes, the consequences are hacked, and even lead to data deleted sites.

case playback: A is a small music professional senior, because the network has been more interested in, always wanted to create their own music website in the global forum for a long time, finally one day, a music source post attracted his attention, in this post, post people say that this is a complete music website program, do not need to configure them in the virtual host to explain the domain name, will become a powerful music website.


Figure 1 forums frequently appear in various types of source code,

this post so that small A is very seductive, then immediately find the school network center for a virtual space, and sign up for a free two level domain name, download the program then uploaded to the space, domain name after the success, is expected to see a complete music website management. The function is very powerful, this small A was very happy, after some simple content to add and modify a file, the website is a kind of mold, small A excited continue to tell their friends and classmates in this website.

happy but not a few days, more and more people began to reflect this website has a virus, because of the open web, almost all of the antivirus software will report the Trojans, and some of the small A dumbfounded, it finds the network center at a loss to the teacher for help.

through the teacher’s analysis, confirmed that the small A of this site has been implanted in a variety of Trojan horses, there are stealing QQ number, there are also stealing web game password, and even including some malicious advertising popups. After careful analysis of the source code, the teacher told little A, download the music website source code, there are many "backdoor" file, you can modify the web site files.