Making money online is the right way to stand

At the beginning of the 06

know what is the mail to make money, money, money and other surfing Wangzhuan, see those who master check chart and income is really envy ah, he also excitedly joined the army in the first half of the year, Wangzhuan, what did not earn. One day the search data into the laggards BBS, think the webmaster exchange atmosphere is very good, so give up do Wangzhuan, beginning to learn to do the station.

has been learning for nearly a year behind the times. These days, they are always behind the times. They read the article every day and learn how others do it. How to promote it and how to SEO it?. I don’t remember how many articles, but is not a DIY station, just look at the theory, did not stop, did not make money, you.

chat and talk to the people some time ago, a year ago those memories do Wangzhuan, I said I did not make some half a knife, he said I really fail, some people make friends of the master home network are made thousands of knife, also talked about home owners, the owners make friends station, forum and advertising owners and some long master income, these people are producing millions of level.

I sweat, the original do Wangzhuan can do this, I have a little heart, want to come back to do wangzhuan. The first half was not done, and now re opened the home network, make friends of the several forums, still do not make money, back and forth or something a few cents click on the 0 money, rely on this knife seems difficult to tens of thousands of monthly. Go for a long time the forum, slowly know many who are doing master station to earn so much, do some hundreds of stations, some day from the search Laijishiwan IP, are master station and seo.

I also SEO, also will collect, but is not very use CMS, just learning dedecms weeks, other CMS have not learned. Now CN meters, 1 yuan, 1, almost free, it is a great opportunity to produce garbage stations, no way, the days are to help me, I learned SEO, learn to collect, learn to rape Baidu when he came to CN yuan. Haha, I want a large collection of mass production, a lot of garbage station, Baidu to deliver data, and together we rob Baidu and Google IP, or how to mix for a year behind so many articles to see, how to have to learn so much knowledge, do not play a role in how the line after the less? Crap hands, get online collection station, rape SEO Baidu and GG, but not the stroll around there.

still do click on the mail survey Wangzhuan friends, it is time to wake up, do Wangzhuan not earn a lot of money, just to earn pocket money only, if not cheating, manual if it is dead tired, exhausted but not to earn money, a look at a mail advertising only then 0.01 to a few cents, even cheating, the technology is not high it can not earn much, some statistics, the whole world simply do Wangzhuan click or mail may earn tens of thousands of knife only hundreds of.

wants to make a lot of money on Wangzhuan, technology is very strong, very English.