Analysis of how the local website moves from imitation to innovation


website has now developed to the limit, from first-tier cities has reached three or four of the city, from top to bottom is everywhere, but it is difficult to see where these sites can successfully produce the fruits of success, most of them remain in neither dead nor alive state, what caused the local website now decadent? If a little careful webmaster is not difficult to find, in fact the reason is very obvious, is that many local websites are similar, similar design, no innovation, is a major cause of the decadence of the local website


, but where does innovation come from? It’s easier said than done, so I’ll share with you what you can do to innovate, and you’ll have to start with imitation,


one: imitation is not wrong, wrong is always imitate, never exceed

webmasters may bother to imitate, from the beginning to get out of the road of innovation, for this station, the author is naturally very admire, admire their courage, and for a more general webmaster friends, in the website operation on the road, but always cannot leave imitation, it can be said that imitation is the first most network business owners began to step! We can not underestimate the imitation, to know the reason why Japan in the post-war development so quickly, a very important factor is due to its superior ability to imitate, but the Japanese did not meet to imitate, dare to go beyond, is the fundamental cause of Japan’s second largest economy, so for! At the beginning of the local site, but the appropriate imitation, but from the beginning, we must think beyond, only have such a mentality, to be able to tap the heart Creative power!


two: building innovative team, the development of the site depends on the talent

for local sites, in order to operate successfully, most cannot do without is the talent, but the talent, but not necessarily can make the website operation success? Many people may not understand, but if we look at the three kingdoms after Yuan Shaochuan, will suddenly open, Yuan Shao talent around can be said at the time leaders, why didn’t beat Cao Cao? It is because yuanshao group inside the team does not have a centripetal force, a lot of energy consumption in friction, coupled with Yuan Shao’s leadership is too poor, cause the entire team as it was naturally a lacking spirit of cooperation, strong cohesion and creativity of the Cao Cao group defeated! So to local websites have a very good development, with talent, but also to find ways to put these talents kneading together to form a strong team


three: details of innovation, is the key to the development of local websites

following is how to innovate in detail, we can not just shouting slogans, but also down-to-earth work just for a local website, from which you can find breakthroughs? Without him, only details such as ear! Construction characteristics of the local site, believe that each place will have different the characteristics, whether regional or local level, three or four of the local site, can from when.