How to maintain and nurture your web site

when your website on the Internet after the completion of the official launch, this is only the first step in the long march. To achieve the desired goal, the late maintenance and update is not only to ensure the normal operation of the website, but also to ensure the long-term search marketing results continued. Search engine optimization is a no end job, it is a step by step process.

, for example, parenting website is like a parent raising a child, not just to give her enough food and clothes, but also to protect her health, care for her needs, designed for her growth plan, often because of her illness and anxiety. Here is the concept of parenting website, is that each person will be determined to do a good job of SEO website as their own children to develop, maintain, in the search engine optimization from the start to the success of the process of a hard road. Many of my friends do not pay attention to the problem of raising, think site optimization good on credit. The reason for this is because the search engine optimization is still a lack of experience, I think the optimization work, just like the house decoration, once completed. To do so, psychologically prone to frustration, long-term earnings will be short-term, contrary to the natural law of search engine optimization.

from the point of view of the search engine, parenting website is the initial optimization work continues to develop until the perfect process. How long is the process, and how can it be reached to perfection? This is entirely based on when the goal of the search marketer can be achieved, and often does not end when the goal is achieved. Because the optimization effect is endless. When the optimization results came out, we all want to pursue a better result, and when some better results appear, perhaps this time the search engine has undergone some changes, the result will come to nothing, or any other website for we have rankings. So, from the beginning, we should have enough preparation, search engine optimization is not only exercise wisdom, but also exercise will process. Next, let’s talk about parenting websites, the two most important things that keep SEO going.

The constant updating of

1. content and repeated experiments of key words

The content of the

site should be adjusted according to the effect of seo. The content of the originally released web site should be viewed as the first edition. The first edition is not known how the search engine collects and evaluates it before it is sent to the internet. As time goes on, the content of the first edition will gradually expose the shortcomings, and this time needs to be modified. The revised benchmark is to evaluate how keywords in the content of the web page are more reasonably assigned to each web page. The first edition of the web page did not get an ideal ranking, mostly related to the lack of good use of keywords.

modification is mainly for each page changes, rather than modify the site structure. Every time we modify, we need to wait for the search engine to re evaluate and rank, which will take some time, so good patience is essential. Maybe when you change, there is no real effect. Don’t worry, don’t doubt it