Come out from the local e commerce 6 very good O2O mode analysis

editor’s note: we’ve previously reported a new trillion dollar model called O2O, which is called O2O to Offline (Online). Now, a series of questions before Groupon IPO has sparked concern about one of the O2O models. But the meaning of O2O is far from what the group can generalize, and it has gone far beyond the model of local e-commerce. Here are some of the very nice O2O modes:



Uber is an application that allows you to buy a private car by mobile phone. Its operation is as follows: download the Uber application, send a taxi request; within a few minutes a private car comes to you (the application can track private cars via GPS); payment and tip are automatically completed by credit card.

now that the service has been well promoted in San Francisco, it is expected to start in many other cities. Although the cost is half higher than the taxi, its comfort and speed are unmatched by taxis. Obviously, it will bring major innovations to the taxi industry.


J Hilburn/Trunk Club

J Hilburn is an electronic commerce website allows men buy personalized design shirt and trousers. The biggest advantage is that it can provide high-end design clothing at lower prices. How it works? The company employs a 800 person fashion consultant sales team across the country. They will make appointments with customers. When you arrive at the customer’s location, they measure size and come up with a lot of fabric to choose from to help you pick your own type. Then customers just need to enter their own size, fabric and other information on the site, you can receive custom clothes after a period of time.

Trunk is a high-end clothing website in Chicago. After you login to the site, you can choose the default style to answer questions such as "where do you shop?", "your favorite style, size, price, color, etc.". Then there will be a fashion consultant to contact you and your exchange (possibly email), after obtaining your preferences and style, he (she) will arrange to send you some of you may love the style of clothing, shoes, as long as you choose your love on the line, and then love that part of the payment, the other is returned.

the two e-commerce sites are also using the online and offline experience, so that you more convenient and quick to buy personalized high-end clothing.