Discuz X2 0 prenatal emotion who live for the webmaster

cross discuz development for many years, around this size of many owners, with the tremendous development of the Internet, discuz and phpwind to occupy a huge market territory, independent let those other products back seat discuz not long ago! Products increased by 1.5 x1.0 and discuz two versions, phpwind is not far behind on 8, with the Internet the two companies will be gradually developing their own products to the climax stage.

according to smell, discuz and research out, x2.0, this makes many webmaster have a little expectation and yearning, but, in this expectation and yearning, Adsense don’t have what feeling?

?Who does

webmaster live for,


1, own

2, money

3, Internet development,

4, honorary

5, the program continues to upgrade,

6, status

7, public welfare

with the increasing number of people doing the station, the Internet industry chain is nothing more than these

Who does

webmaster live for,


discuz feeling just now, many discuz Adsense are thinking of upgrading products, increase product function, promotion, until the new products come out, and thinking about upgrading, because many webmaster want to site is gorgeous and beautiful, but the webmaster can understand, stand to the people for days, the size of the site is judged by how many members and visits, even if they still use the discuz before the old long products, but the increased membership, to increase their popularity, become well-known sites, many webmaster busy in the upgrading of products, pay attention to the official upgrade of the latest announcement, did not expect their website members, owners and friends, you may have thought that you have worked hard to promote your website registered members, they don’t you have a responsibility to bring the upgrade process of them? What can they think of the websites that are inaccessible or permanently damaged?

upgrade products, of course, very good, but have you ever thought, not quite sure, you rush to upgrade, how much damage to your site,


wake up, busy on the upgrade line of webmaster, you stand for whom, who,


I was a used discuz product to make the station, some of the vernacular speech, not what is the technical content, please include, don’t mind I can look at the station, there is no good foreign web platform http://s.bcpop.net, if have what need advice, I can free and simple guide help! I also hope that those who have the ability to help me, help each other, can live in the Internet