The painstaking process of creating a novel station by an old stationmaster

a while ago, because of the ample time, the idea of building a new website was raised. For this idea of impulse, I try to find the opportunity to explore everywhere, make a stand. After some exploration, and finally locked the more popular two major themes, QQ class and novel. The next step is to make a thorough study of the subject.

first of all, I came to the webmaster Trading Forum to observe the sale and purchase of the website. Here I see such a phenomenon, many in the purchase and sale of the post, more is QQ around the site, this is probably why? Because the QQ theme is very popular, so the creation of this web site group is also very hot". So I gave up the idea of building a QQ station and turned my attention to the novel.

through observation, number of stations far from sell stories such as QQ as "hot", but also not less than other types of sites, so I drew two conclusions, one is currently popular novels stand did not change radically as the QQ station, is relatively stable, the about 300000 IP as the image of the king before selling the novel station station has been for a long time; two is the construction cost, novel station is too big, as for what reason as below.

After a lot of analysis,

finally decided to set up a novel station. Years of experience in website management, no matter what site you do, first of all, a good domain name can make you twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, I came to the webmaster Trading Forum, ready to buy a suitable for the establishment of the novel station domain name. My request is that, regardless of whether the domain name is literature, but must remember, of course, both of them have better! After a toss, I bought the domain name ( because of its reason is that it is easy to remember, but it is because of this domain name, I want to make a suitable for this domain the name of the website of the Qin Dynasty Chinese network. Among them, "Chin" can be skillfully recorded as "Qin", and the "Chao" pronunciation is just "towards the North"".

now, the domain name and site name are ready, and the next thing to do is to select the novel website program. Through the observation, currently on the market mainstream with the two systems of Vinci and Jackie, but I personally feel that Jackie is more suitable for beginners. I used here is Jackie 1.5, read several times before the successful installation of the installation instructions. Then I have to manually add a dozen books, each book with one or two chapters, why do you want to add a dozen books? Because it is convenient for the next replacement template, we all know that the default installation of Jackie template is not very good, need to change the template and style, but the default is not added any story, so the whole the interface is empty, if you do not add a few, which can modify the template to see the effect in the debugging and the template on the Internet? Jackie has a lot of ready-made, of course you can pay for the design, in the ADMIN5 trading area is the plate. But my template is downloaded from the Internet, and then modified, and gradually form their own style, so >