Situ no injury personal experience talk about why support the CN domain name price increases

CN domain name from 07 years in March to implement 1 yuan, many webmaster happy jump, do station cost greatly reduced, everyone has a batch of domain name. From my personal experience, I’d like to say why I support the rising prices of domain names, and I have to give my hands and feet support to CNNIC’s recent decision on the end of the $1 domain name experience.

, 07 years ago, I didn’t use the CN domain name for the station. CN was rare in the early days, and different registrars were from one hundred or two hundred to several hundred. Moreover, in many webmaster mind, the value of CN compared with com, or a lot worse. After the implementation of 1 yuan domain name, I initially tried to register a few, and feel good, and I found a lot of pretty good CN domain names are not registered, so they have registered about eight hundred.

I think so, I have three servers, each with a 100M domain name space, just send something, put some advertising, the cost is certainly back, relatively good domain name I can focus on doing, perhaps also sell. Is holding such thoughts, one after another in the hands of a number of domain name registration.

in the past year, when in March 08, said the policy continues to maintain 1 yuan unchanged, and CNNIC said renewal is 1 yuan, but my registered business is very crafty, which I will not say, asked me to 30 yuan for each renewal, finally settled at $20 each on fee.

, I believe that I share the same idea with many people, many webmasters holding tens of thousands of CN ranging from tens of thousands of domain names. Well, how about the extent of these domain names? From my own point of view, there are fewer than twenty real stations so far. I found I fooled, I don’t have so much energy to do hundreds of stations, and the annual renewal cost make me miserable. I always want to throw away some, but some don’t give up.

at the same time, to make a stand when they want some time to query the domain name, found that many good names are registered, but not for the station, that is to say the use rate is very low, I believe that the present CN domain name registrations although the first in the world, but do not know how many rows use rate. A large number of good domain names have been registered and left unused, resulting in considerable waste of resources.

this irrational registration process, in the past one or two years, a lot of people have the same experience. And CN was once Baidu and other search engines to give a lower weight, has become synonymous with garbage stations. In all respects, CN implements the 1 yuan system, in addition to letting many people know that the domain name is a play accident, and it has not brought much effect. The negative effect is greater than the positive effect.

now if the price callback, is bound to have a considerable part of the domain name will be abandoned, and these names will slowly be really need to do at the re apply to the market gradually return to rational, garbage information in the search engine will be reduced, the webmaster do stand will be easier. There is no doubt about it. My eight hundred >