Zhang Shengrong stationmaster you still can not write original and be afraid

original original hear these two words, you do not mind, do not write the original? A friend asked "what to write soft culture? I like junior high school can?" Zhang Shengrong replied: junior high school culture is enough, write the article did not say is diploma argument, simple and practical OK. In fact, I have not finished junior high school. Of course, students write a written word literary will be very far, I believe that one day will write to the University as well, though, now every day to write original, know not write what good stuff, at least will accumulate so little, believe that one day there will be only one word the difference.

writing original is not difficult, the difficult thing is to be afraid of being scolded by others

often wrote a "manual Pro Tuiyou network super chain tools to quickly increase the 1300 chain" to the A5 platform, click rate at more than 2000, and "tell you the record of the independent blog" let me heartache "because when it comes to the record, not to talk about two key. A lot of noise. Maybe you stopped making original updates for this.

writing original is not difficult, difficult is afraid of others know

because they do not believe in the Internet or fear that others know, there are two cases, first, the Internet is unrealistic, afraid of what others know. Two is, you earn money, with actual combat experience, do not want to write out, afraid others rob your rice bowl.

writing original is not difficult, difficult is a to delete (delete)

believes a webmaster try to contribute, not what the value, but the writing is the original cast, the keyboard on the "Back Apace" is gone, his heart lay at the bottom of the hell. If so, super is deleted, super likes to go there and throw it until sad until he proves he is not a dish.

writing original is not difficult, difficult is the support of others,

said above are very disappointed, if there is no other support, I’m afraid to give up writing original, and again feel Tang brother encouraged. Believe that we can also, the world has not crossed the ridge, and only do not believe in themselves.

writing original is not difficult, the difficult thing is to stick to it,

as the saying goes, "everything is difficult at the beginning." if the operation is successful for a few days, it is not reliable. It’s a little bit accumulated, such as the A5 platform, it took years to make today’s achievements, and chinaZ took nine years.

writing original is not difficult, difficult is the same thing, execution

executive power, no matter where it is, will see how the execution is, and the importance of it, you know. No matter what you do, stop him. In fact, I can feel the executive power from myself, sometimes I give myself an excuse. It’s not done. Oh.

writing original is not difficult, it is difficult for others to understand

, this is to say that others are not virtual