User oriented implementation strategy of website operation

we do website the ultimate goal was to obtain the corresponding profit in the hands of users, perhaps some webmaster will say my website source of profit comes from advertising, there is no direct relationship between the user and the user browsing, as long as the fool will be able to make money, but also from the Internet users do not repeat or tens of thousands of. Believe there is such a thought of the webmaster is not uncommon, but as Baidu algorithm adjusted, flicker over the flow and by the Baidu spider seems to be seen, but the more the flow tends to pay more attention to Baidu, and even shielding right down, so in order to better network station to obtain continuous profit, in site operators you must follow the user demand-oriented strategy.

What is the

of the user’s demand? Many owners psychological often are not clear, more is to operate in their own personal preferences, even commercial website, in the analysis of user requirements are strongly reference and imitate the same industry brand website, because many people will think, to industry leaders to learn, even can not and are able to achieve the industry leader in half of the profits is also good, but the reality is often more imitation more often do not make money out of their own way, on the contrary, it is also the same industry, as long as there is a difference, they can improve their own profits.

analysis of user implicit demand is the key to differentiation

is a NetEase, Sina and other portals could not meet the needs of all users, because the site scale and volume is certain, and the user needs are always diversified, this will give us the website to achieve differentiation possible. According to this logic, some industry websites or similar industry websites can also realize the differentiation strategy, such as personnel website, in addition to appear to local talent network demand difference in various industries and the demand for talent website, these are the differences in the needs of the user based on the realization of.

said that the industry’s Web site for user needs is basically an independent talent site that targets potential user needs, such as medical talent and web sites. This demand is the sharp increase in private medical institutions based on medical personnel with deficiencies of traditional talent website, rarely involved in this field, so the medical talent website appears naturally meet most of the medical needs of enterprises. And so on, as well as a combination of industry and local talent website, which is also a kind of analysis through the potential needs of users to carry out a differentiated operation.

multi-channel analysis of user requirements

user demand is always showing a trend, this year as the popular network as in the constantly changing, shocked from the really talented to buddy, from awesome to blessed right now reflects the change of user requirements. Therefore, for the operation of the site, will not be able to follow the simple single mode, but should be closely combined with the social reality to optimize their website content, enabling users to.