Websites have more advantages than instant messaging

Many webmaster in

for his "son" of a, including me, I’ve been looking for an effective website promotion way, and today I want to talk about the topic is: instant messaging has more advantages than website.

analyzes the differences between the two, and looks for the advantages and disadvantages of information and instant messaging tools.

‘s Ganzhou pig community is a local forum. According to the analysis, local information released mainly in real estate, recruitment and second-hand majority, the webmaster can think businesses choose the instant messaging (such as today take the QQ group for example) to release information needed to achieve their goals, this is because the instant communication be not at all surprising, is a rapid, direct and effective immediately the way, the owners should have another way of thinking, more consideration should be given to the advantages of web.

QQ group can achieve rapid, immediate and immediate success, while the website is long-term, effective and impressive results, there are differences in nature between the two.

opposition: fast and long term

QQ group: users can quickly release information to QQ group, only limited members of the group to see your information, the scope is relatively small.

website: the release of information is long-term and effective, and if you choose to publish a web site is a forum, you can top yourself, the information so that more people see.

opposing: direct versus contention,

QQ group: after releasing the information, it may be considered by the landlord to be direct advertising and be T out of the group.

website: and what the website needs is the release of information, and can consider, if the webpage is collected by Baidu GOOGLE, keyword search comes in the user is effective user.

analysis clearly and recognize that these webmaster do not discouraged, persist in the harvest.