Personal Adsense start clever financing 5 skills

individual entrepreneurs lack most is money, especially in the Internet, the Internet is a burn, the website wants to expand, funding is essential, the money can make the team more powerful, personal business results of the probability webmaster will be higher! Now many individual owners in the early entrepreneurs often seek "capital" thirst in order to raise funds, start, do not consider the cost of financing and their actual demand of funds. But now the market competition makes the operating profit margin lower and lower, besides the illegal operation, it is difficult to obtain the extraordinary profits. Therefore, the personal Adsense venture meet financing needs must consider the cost, how to better get money? Chinese CAITONG network ( experts teach you five strokes


the first one: choose bank loans to "order three"

in accordance with the provisions of the financial regulatory authorities, the banks issued commercial loans can float up or down in a certain range of loan interest rates, such as many local banks lending rates can rise 30%. In fact, to bank loans and went to the market to buy things, tiaotiaojianjian, goods than three can choose to high quality and inexpensive goods.

relatively speaking, the lending rate of state-owned commercial banks is lower, but the procedures are stricter. If your loan formalities complete, in order to save the cost of financing, can use personal "inquiry bidding", carries on the comparison to the bank loan interest and other additional charges, choose a low cost the bank for credit, mortgage or unsecured loan from.

second strokes: reasonable misappropriation of housing loans can also start

if you have the intention to purchase, and the hands of a sufficient purchase, then you can purchase this "misappropriation" in the business, and then buy a house, then apply to the bank for housing mortgage loans.


of housing loans is the lowest interest rates in commercial loans varieties, such as within 5 years of the housing loan interest rate of 4.77%, while the average 3 to 5 years commercial loan interest rate is 5.58%, therefore, for housing loans "curve" business, lower cost. If the entrepreneur has purchased a house, you can also use an existing house as collateral for ordinary commercial loans. This kind of loan is not limited to use. It can be used as a start-up fund.

third: reasonable choice very careful in reckoning the loan period of

bank loans are generally divided into short-term loans and medium and long-term loans, the longer the loan period, the higher the interest rate, and if the use of funds for entrepreneurs is not too long, we should try to choose short-term loans. For example, the original plan for two years of loans, you can loan a year, so that you can save interest payments.

in addition, venture financing should also pay attention to the trend of the interest rate, if the interest rate trend higher, should grab the interest rate hike before the loan; if the interest rate trend is down, the demand for funds is not urgent circumstances should be suspended for loans, and interest rates to timely handle.

fourth recruit: use good policies, enjoy the government cheap money to wait >