How to understand the prospects of unlimited car Networking ndustry

2014 years, it can be said that the first year of the automotive Internet, in January this year, the world’s science and technology vane CES exhibition as a sign. CES Apple launched the CarPlay, apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, HUAWEI and other major Internet world, software, chip manufacturers are entering the car networking.

today (May 5th) just heard a message, 1 billion 173 million Tencent purchased 78 million shares NavInfo become the second largest shareholder, and has released its own first intelligent hardware products Lobo box in GMIC". Shares NavInfo, Tencent owns the underlying technical support; and released Lobo box, in front of the car and users will be docking.

In fact, the world automobile industry in the future

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now situation is: Car networking car manufacturers more active, Internet Co has only a supporting role. But the car manufacturer’s system is not uniform, the major OEMs have independent development of vehicle systems, such as general On-start, BMW has idrive. In fact, the owners do not want to be familiar with different systems, since the mobile phone, tablet on the apple iOS, Google Android and the automobile industry has been dominating the world, this phenomenon does not exist, the future is likely to have car networking system and mobile phone convergence, namely all planes.

in January this year, Geely chairman Li Shufu went to the science and technology circle "geeks Park" on the speech, said that we should accept him, to do the Internet, this is unthinkable in the past. Although the car manufacturers are interested, but I want to pour a pot of cold water.