Hunan heavy rain affected by heavy rains in Hunan 6 people were killed

Hunan provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters news, since mid April, Hunan Province, a wide range of heavy rainfall, heavy rainfall concentrated in the northern region of Hunan, Hunan local, heavy rain led to local flooding.

18, the southern storm continued. The disaster in Hunan preliminary statistics show that as of 18, the current round of strong convective weather disasters have led to 734 thousand people in the province were affected, the death of 6 people; the upper and middle reaches of Ganjiang River occurred over the flood alert level is still rising, the main site.

Hunan Provincial Hydrological Bureau issued a yellow flood warning that day, the upper and middle reaches of Xiangjiang will soon flood. Local disaster preliminary statistics show that as of 18, has led to the disaster in Hunan Province, a total of 734 thousand people were killed and 6 people were killed; hail caused by the collapse of the building of the 1336 houses, some buildings collapsed causing death. Before and after the disaster, the affected areas of cadres and the masses to carry out flood relief, 11 thousand people were evacuated, there are still 7400 people need emergency living assistance.

Hunan heavy rain has caused 6 dead and 734 thousand people were affected by the transfer of 11 thousand people

egg big hail, high air swishing down breakdown houses roof, destroying crops crops, resulting in Hunan province after the flood disaster aggravated in local.

reporter 18 from the Hunan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters learned that heavy rainfall in Hunan, Huaihua, Chenzhou and other places hail, strong winds and other severe convective weather.

hail in some areas lasted about 10 minutes, flue-cured tobacco, vegetables, fruits and other crops severely damaged, part of the roof was broken.

rainfall continues in Hunan province. Hunan Provincial Hydrology Bureau issued a yellow warning flood, pointed out that the old quay River, upstream of Xiangjiang River in Guiyang river will appear over the warning level of the flood.

starting from 17 PM, Gannan suffered heavy rainfall, accompanied by strong winds, hail, thunderstorms and other severe convective weather. Affected by heavy rainfall, the upper and middle reaches of Ganjiang River occurred over the flood alert, the main site of water level continues to rise, Jiangxi Province Hydrology Bureau issued 18 blue flood warning.

April 18th

2016, a residential area in Hunan City, Chenzhou, because of the storm hit the area of multiple trees uprooted ground.

according to the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of hydrology monitoring, the average rainfall of 17 Ganzhou City 64 mm, the maximum point rainfall in Longnan County Lin Tong Station 139 mm, Anyuan County village station 118 mm times.

17 12:45 at noon, Ganzhou Zhanggong District, Nankang District, Jian