Hebei has started three years of entrepreneurial action plan

13th Five-Year first year, all regions have developed the new development plans. In terms of employment and entrepreneurship, Hebei province will begin to three years as a plan, and strive to achieve the support of the 300 thousand entrepreneurs, to solve the goal of the 900 thousand.

maxspace, business promotion, innovative workshops and other new coffee incubation mode, accelerate the construction of a number of low cost, convenience, all elements, the open space of public record. Encourage the creation of the public space in accordance with the record for the creation of all aspects of entrepreneurial services provided by the content, the effectiveness of the work and the cost reduction, given the appropriate rent, broadband networks and public software subsidies. Taken with the well-known venture capital institutions, professional business services cooperative construction, commission management mode, a space in the provincial cities and the construction of more than 30 professional, integration and network, which was built in 2016 15, the provincial business support funds to give appropriate support.

I will encourage across multiple channels to raise, venture capital support, encourage enterprises, industry associations, NGOs and other angel investors in a variety of ways to businesses and entrepreneurs to provide financial support.

preferred loan project, the adjustment of local interest burden is heavy labor intensive enterprises loans, focused on solving the problem of college students, capacity to the unemployed, the precise poverty alleviation project object individual initial financial difficulties, the network business, the flexible employment of workers into the business loans and discount support range. Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of loan support, according to the loan project to determine the amount of loans, optimize the management process, open up the loan green channel". The province’s new venture guarantee loans 2 billion yuan, of which the recommended 20