Heating list of the top ten brands

cold weather, in order to keep warm, many people will use a variety of heating posts. However, due to the use of personal, therefore, people are more concerned about the nature of the brand, after all, the quality of good or bad can be directly linked to their physical health. Here, let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the ten major brands of heating list, which can give you the choice to make a better reference.

Posts ten heating brand ranking NO.1, Kobayashi warm baby: Japan warm baby brand sales in the first 120 years of history, Japan, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. in Chinese wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Kobayashi Daily Chemical Co Ltd.

Posts ten heating brand ranking NO.2, sunle: military industrial system conversion production units, one of the nation’s largest professional production of paste heating enterprises, Xinyang Nuclear Industry Hengda Industry company.

Posts ten heating brand rankings, iRIS NO.3 IRIS: in 1958, iRIS OHYAMA and located under the brand name, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of household goods, daily necessities Co. Ltd., Dalian iRIS.

Posts ten heating brand rankings, Bai Yuan NO.4: founded in 1923, in Japan known as " high-tech chemical products manufacturing expert, famous brand " heating paste, Hakugen family products (Shenzhen) Co. ltd..

heating posts ten brands list NO.5, warm friends: the current domestic R & D and production of the most powerful one of the heating paste manufacturers, heating paste the top ten brands, the industry’s well-known brands, Shanghai friends of the warm Industrial Co., ltd..

Posts ten heating brand ranking NO.6, Yingdu: mainly engaged in self heating and refrigeration products research and development / production / sales of high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Yingdu Industry Co. ltd..

Posts ten heating brand ranking NO.7, Sakura: founded in 1993, is committed to providing home care products of the enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, great market brand awareness, source of daily chemical (Tianjin) Co., ltd..

heating posts ten brands list NO.8, baby bear: the leading heating paste brand, one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in the development of disposable heating supplies, industry well-known brands, Xinyang Nuclear Industry Hengda Industrial company.

heating posts ten brands list NO.9, hot pulse: heating products R & D / design / manufacturing / sales as one of the enterprises, warm paste industry, large-scale enterprises, hot pulse (Shanghai) medical equipment Co., ltd..

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