How to determine the market positioning of coffee shops

coffee is a favorite drink of many friends, if you can open a coffee shop, it is a good choice. So, how to determine the market positioning of the coffee shop? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

positioning one: coffee stores to analyze the status quo of the target market, to identify the potential competitive advantage of the enterprise. The central task of this step is to answer the following three questions: one is how to rival product positioning; two is the target market customer satisfaction and how also need what, three is the market positioning and potential competitors, customers really need to put forward the enterprise should do what and what to do. How to locate the market? To answer these three questions, the enterprise marketing personnel must through all means of research. To systematically design, search, analyze and report the data and results of the above.

positioning two: coffee shop to choose the competitive advantage of the target market positioning. How to locate the market? Competitive advantage indicates the ability of an enterprise to exceed its competitors. This ability can be either existing or potential. The choice of competitive advantage is actually a process of comparing the strength of enterprises and competitors. Comparison of indicators should be a complete system, the only way to accurately select the relative competitive advantage.

positioning three: coffee stores display unique competitive advantage and repositioning. First of all, through a series of promotional activities, the enterprise will spread its unique competitive advantage to the potential customers, and make a deep impression on customers. How to locate the market? To this end, enterprises should first make the target customers to understand, know, know, agree, like and prefer the market positioning of the enterprise, in the eyes of the customer to establish the image consistent with the positioning. Secondly, enterprises should take all kinds of efforts to strengthen the image, to maintain the target customer’s understanding, stabilize the attitude of the target customers and deepen the feelings of the target customers to consolidate the image consistent with the market.

is about more than coffee stores how to determine the market positioning of the entrepreneurs, as long as it is in the operating time, correctly grasp the market positioning of the industry, so this project is in the severe market certainly will be able to get out of their own characteristics, to better create wealth in this industry.

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