Retailers should pay attention to the preparation of the double sector mistakes

any special holiday, will become the major retail business opportunities for the development of the business, therefore, retailers will naturally do a good job stocking. As the saying goes, "golden nine silver ten", into September, the annual Mid Autumn Festival and national day is coming soon. For retailers, is a rare business opportunity. It should be said that some time ago, when the hot weather is relatively cool, the retail business period, many retailers are stuck for a long time, mustering the effort to the "double" is coming. Today, the two sides came, then how to cherish this great opportunity for retail households, how to seize opportunities for business opportunities?

recently I also visited many shopping malls, supermarkets and retailers, found that many businesses are indeed hard to prepare for the festival, store merchandise can be described as "huazhizhaozhan, a superb collection of beautiful things is very eye-catching. But through the careful observation, interview, investigation that, in the double stocking, many retailers also exist many problems, put forward to attract retailers attention, make mistakes, and lay a solid foundation for further preparation for the double retail business. Specifically, the following errors:

error: for more perfection.

The so-called "

for more perfection", refers to a number of retailers in order to prepare for the festival, to seize the business, always anxious to prepare goods better, more complete the better preparation. Thus the two pre stocking, regardless of the actual situation, and even beyond their financial capacity, to step up emergency stock. See this want to enter, see that also into. They mistakenly believe that the more the better the purchase of goods, the more the better. This is very wrong, but also the need to pay attention to the retail.

retailers in the double stocking if too many "covet more perfection", it will cause energy dispersion, difficult to focus. In the two aspects of inventory retailers should focus on grasping the focus of efforts to grasp the purchase of tight goods. For example, during the two sections of the moon cake, food, tobacco and so on, retail households should focus on doing the article here.

comment: during the double retailers Stocking "perfection" ideas can be understood, it is nothing but want to make more money, everything in the heart thought All roads lead to Rome. black, there are the north and the south, there are always some kind of good will sell. But everyone knows the double period of time is limited (this interval for two weeks), so some things too many can not sell, so how to try to make a greater profit in a short period of time, the retailer must consider the problem. If you blame, will be distracted, cannot reach the ideal effect.

error two: pick up watermelon and sesame seeds.

so-called watermelon picking sesame seeds, refers to the retail households in the double stocking only note significant, but ignore the small; only consider more profit, but despise >