How to open the restaurant to grasp the customer’s consumer psychology

any product, there is a demand in order to have a market, there is a market in order to have a source of profit. So start a restaurant, as a restaurant owner, how can we grasp the customer’s psychological needs of consumption? Let us look at the following consumer demand for consumer psychology is how?

What are the consumer psychology of


and catering industry management is closely related to the quality of psychology, consumer psychology for cheaper herd mentality, effect and halo effect that several different values for customers, because everyone’s consumption, religion, lifestyle, social status, education level of different consumer behavior and their tendency is different, the operator should be based on the specific situation, distinction.

consumer quality psychology

The main psychological state of psychological quality

generally exist in the high-end consumer crowd, when consumption ability is not a problem, the pursuit of quality of life has become this kind of person is yearning, some people even think that "are not afraid of you, but the quality is not good" has become a mainstream consumer. Part of the leisure venues have begun to hit their own quality brand. An ordinary rice or noodles, quality can be a little better, pricing for tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, profits. In the form of consumption polarization is very obvious and the quality of the psychological customers are increasing.

consumer seeking psychological

is this kind of psychological as some common psychological quality in the mass consumer groups, is to achieve a certain guarantee, the price relatively low consumers more love in the city, the process significantly today, the pace of life of people in a faster, convenient fast and affordable restaurants received public love, since eating out change generally, affordable delicious restaurants in the vast majority of consumer groups, like the steamed delicious fast-food restaurants such facilities in the diet for people brought a lot of convenience, and in the quality of the same audience price more affordable, fast food is far higher than the pursuit of quality consumer psychology.

consumer conformity psychology

"we must choose good" this is typical of the herd mentality, we can often see a delicacy Street obviously there are a lot of restaurants are basically the same, often a passenger to, but several other but few people interested, why there is such a phenomenon, it is not to see his store the taste is not good, is likely to be the first few tables, let a person feel the popularity and the formation of the herd mentality.

consumption halo effect

this restaurant reflects the most obvious in the Star shop, due to the shop owner’s favorite star, and further to his restaurant full of expectations. Better than some