2011 restaurants to join the list of food and beverage franchise list

2011 food and beverage to join the list of food and beverage franchise list do you know the latest list of food and beverage franchise? Do you want to join the food and beverage industry, how can you do not know the latest 2011 food and beverage franchise list!

a, mouth mouth incense barbecue

Project Description: college enrollment, the number of unemployed people increased, increasing employment pressure, which has long been a frequent occurrence of words in the news! Mouth mouth sweet barbecue, in this winter of employment, for you to take a new road to riches, for your wealth to bring a new way

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two, blame the 3 juice snacks

Project Description: hot summer, if you are still blowing air conditioning at home looking forward to the future of confusion, you are too out. Strange 3 juice snacks, snacks to join, you can not miss a rare opportunity to bring you huge profits immediately

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ecological crock baxiang loveProject Description:

baxiang love crock "soil" ecological features, to spread a new diet concept, leading consumer health, environmental health, food and beverage consumption in today’s market, show ingenuity, become an independent school, leading the trend of consumption, the consumption of

foil atmosphere

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four, Han Palace Palace barbecue

Project Description: Korean Han Palace kettle barbecue originated in South Korea palace secret, he used the formula and unique flavor, elegant environment to express their identity: noble, elegant, mellow, calm, always give people a long fragrance scent of the romance.

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five, halogen three flavor

Project Description:

halogen three must taste through the ancestral recipe and featured a variety of ingredients, which contains rich brine three flavor rich nutrients, to nourish, health, beauty and other effects, according to different needs in the region out of the corresponding taste, and that does not add any pigment

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six, thousands of old duck soup

Project Description: thousands of old duck soup across the Millennium duck soup and modern hot pot mixed into one, creating nutrition and health, fashion and health harmony