Suzhou rely on what fortune

Suzhou is not only an important tourism scenic spot in our country, but also an industrial development base which can not be ignored. Its local economic development is more and more rapid. 18, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of Customs jointly released the announcement, from next month, in the 7 special customs supervision area to carry out the general taxpayer qualification and the pilot, the pilot enterprises related to tax policy optimization and adjustment, Kunshan comprehensive free trade zone and Suzhou Industrial Park Comprehensive Free Trade Zone in our province both list.

major "the policy significance promulgated by the state, have milepost significance in the new round of the special supervision of the regional reform process, the major reform initiatives is a very high gold content, to continue to promote the development of domestic and foreign trade integration, promote the foreign trade situation to stabilize." Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zhou Naixiang introduced the new policy opportunity for Suzhou and Jiangsu such a trade powerhouse, means that the open economy re power upgrading!

in the name of "on the given special customs supervision area enterprise value-added tax general taxpayer qualification pilot notice" document, the main "tax policy adjustments" includes five aspects: comprehensive security zone pilot enterprises imported equipment, temporarily exempt from import tariffs and import value-added tax and consumption tax; free trade the goods purchased from foreign countries and entered the pilot area in goods or from the pilot enterprise pilot region to buy for bonded policy; pilot enterprises of export goods, the goods after the actual departure refund etc..

"in accordance with the new policy, in the future we will have a general taxpayer qualification, you can open value-added tax invoices, to lower tax costs to expand the domestic market." Kunshan preservation general manager Yang Hao photoelectric company specializing in the production of projector District Wang Jinkun said, according to the previous policy, the projector manufactured goods import tariffs as high as 30%, fully protected areas were regarded as "territory", the area of products shipped to sales outside the region, is equivalent to the import tax rate is too high.

we have to set up two companies in the region, the establishment of a comprehensive set of sales system, respectively, to deal with the international and domestic markets, the cost of the two increase in the number of Companies in the market, the cost of. According to the new policy, we only need a system."

at present, Suzhou has 14 state-level development zone, Suzhou Industrial Park comprehensive open innovation test, Kunshan deepen cross-strait industrial cooperation experimental zones have also been approved by the State Council, especially the Suzhou Industrial Park Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, as the first comprehensive domestic security zone, set up since the end of 2006, has made a series of innovative exploration in import and export customs clearance operations in the region, environment, business and other aspects of business innovation, to achieve a number of "national first and only".

Suzhou township enterprises started, with an open economy fortune, the development zone for the transformation and development of Suzhou provides a strong platform support. In the world economy