UD Cafe give you a different story

UD Cafe allows you to enjoy the good feelings brought about by leisure time, each customer here every customer can enjoy the ultimate leisure, because it has such a story.

90 in New York, a group of cutting-edge fashion salon initiated by the "URBAN", because of the concept of bold and innovative fashion concern. DI-LITE is one of the most perceptive visual designers. Born in the coffee family, he believes that coffee as a life culture, has a profound foundation. It should not be with the passage of time and aging, but should keep pace with the times, become like clothing, music, fashion elements, a topic that will always be popular. So, he put the elegant quality of coffee and bold innovation Fashion concept into one, and constantly create a new taste of coffee drinks in the URBAN launch, widely favored. Later, the concept of Fashion coffee culture, gradually from the private clubs in the UDBAN to the community to become synonymous with fashion innovation, people call this drink "Urban Di-lite" (UD Cafe).

professional quality coffee beans, coffee beans are the core of all our coffee drinks. We are specialized in the production of coffee beans from 8 different origin of the original quality of imported beans, according to their taste characteristics, in different proportions after repeated verification of a number of times. They have a rich aroma, a mild acidity and a thick caramel. It is this formula coffee beans by international judges alike in the 2006 World Barista barista competition and Latte Art Asia tournament, won the coffee flavor score, while UD also by virtue of the barista coffee beans get the Games Asia latte Art champion and Barista barista runner up.

precision coffee machine, we use the coffee machine is the world’s brand Franke automatic coffee machine. Franke has nearly a hundred years of experience in the production of coffee machines, has been working for the manufacture of high-quality and high-tech coffee appliances. Franke coffee machine can produce fast and stable high quality coffee, every 15 seconds to make a cup of coffee. Every cup of coffee made from the appearance and quality of almost perfect agreement, which is not comparable to all semi-automatic machines.