Luoyang Jianxi industrial and commercial bureau to help more than 230 college students employment

2015 college graduates have basically settled the whereabouts of this year’s college graduates have more choices than the predecessors. The optimization of the environment so that the success rate of entrepreneurship has been significantly improved, more and more people choose entrepreneurship.

"not helping cadres of industry and commerce, I do not know when to find a job." Recently, college graduates Li Liang came to Henan City, Luoyang Province Trade and Industry Bureau of Jianxi branch, said to the industrial and commercial cadres.

learning design produced by Li Xiaogang in a university, graduating in 2012 after a long time did not find a suitable job, heard that the business sector have a lot of enterprise information, he came to the Jianxi Branch Trade and industry consulting. In a formalities for enterprise registration, registration department of Luoyang Yu machinery that design limited need to design personnel, so Li Xiaogang will be introduced to the company manager Huang Ming. I not only find the right job, but also to become a business backbone." Li Xiaogang said.

The use of

the branch dedicated to the creation of entrepreneurial college graduates Easy Access, according to the specific circumstances of the entrepreneurial intention of college graduates, put forward reasonable suggestions on industry selection, management and other aspects of the guidance to boost the confidence of college graduates. To help students solve the difficult problems encountered in Entrepreneurship in the branch, also set up a group to visit the area, college graduates entrepreneurial guidance, visit has 73 college graduates entrepreneurs, help solve various problems 27.

"business is my home, and the cadre is my guide." Jianxi Cui flying pigeon farm especially Jinghai responsible person said. Jinghai is a just graduated from college students, from the Internet to see pigeons information, she began to set up a pigeon farm. She came to the valley of the water industry and Commerce consulting, director Zhang Lian patiently explain to her support policies to help them handle the business license, and help her to apply for 30 thousand yuan low interest loans, pigeon farm opened. At one time, the industrial and commercial cadres came to the pigeon farm for a return visit, she sent pigeon technology books, but also invited to come to the guidance of large farmers, recommended