Jilin next year will open a business class to improve the employment rate of College Students

2015 national college graduates employment work has been basically completed, the relevant units in Jilin Province recently held a meeting of college graduates’ employment work, faced with the grim situation of employment rate continued to decrease in the province’s graduates next year, the province’s colleges and universities will open entrepreneurial class, trying to venture to promote employment.

2016 Jilin college graduates employment and entrepreneurship conference held in Changchun 21. Compared with the same period last year, this year, the number of colleges and universities to receive a general reduction in the number of employers, job demand and the overall decline in the quality of employment, the province’s total recruitment units decreased by 11.4% over the same period last year. Employment contract rate fell 2 percentage points." Party secretary of the Provincial Department of education, provincial Party committee secretary Sun Weijie said.

for solving the employment problem, from 2016 onwards, our province will open entrepreneurship course at all colleges and universities, and support the students leave school business.

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employment structural contradiction

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2016 years, the province will accelerate the reform of entrepreneurship education. To support the conditions of the University for all students to open at least 32 hours of "entrepreneurship foundation" courses, the development of innovative entrepreneurship class elective courses (including practical courses). The implementation of flexible educational system, relax the length of schooling, adjusting the learning process and support school retain the school students’ innovation and entrepreneurship.

key support for college students to emerging industries, especially relying on "Internet plus" entrepreneurship. Colleges and universities should formulate policies and measures to encourage students to innovate entrepreneurship and incentives, the establishment of innovative business credit product recommendation