Shijiazhuang nine flavor steamed stuffed bun to join details

What is the inevitability of

catering? That is as long as the person exists it must solve the problem of food and clothing of the most basic, although now Chinese clothing is not one of the most important issues, but indefinite time, uncertain time, food and clothing is still the most important, and what is the traditional food China solved the problem of food and clothing, of course Gerrard Steamed Buns. It is fast economic Steamed Buns buns must, mass consumption ability, all the year round hot investment, big and small, has been the nine flavor soup is VC


Shijiazhuang nine flavor steamed stuffed bun joined

nine flavor soup to join information:

I: have passion in this industry, and the spirit of hard work, willing to accept the management of the headquarters, to participate in a unified training.

two: according to the requirements of the headquarters of the unified suspension of the "nine flavor" signs, to provide a legal identity card, so as to establish a real file headquarters.

three: after the opening of the initiative to provide business store photos and operating conditions, within three months without opening photos and operating conditions, the headquarters will revoke the franchise.

four: one-time fee to pay a one-time fee of five thousand yuan, in addition to no management fees and deposits.

five: free package during the training package to live.

nine flavor soup to join rights and support:

one: enjoy the nine flavor technology exclusive rights.

two: enjoy the "nine flavor" brand trademark / trade name picture design right to use.

three: enjoy the right of regional protection, the implementation of strict business district protection, strict implementation of regional protection policies.

four: the first partner in the blank area, under the same conditions have priority to buy the right to buy local operations.

five: after the expiration of the contract, franchise stores are willing to continue to cooperate, the headquarters will give priority to the contract, no longer charge fee.

six: franchise stores can enjoy the main flavor of nine steamed stuffed bun, but also with the right to operate the local best-selling products.

early opening will help the franchisee plan promotion plan, provide propaganda pictures, if necessary, will be assigned to the two master in stores, on-site guidance, quality control, staff training, co-ordination arrangements to ensure business success!, technical support phone 24 hours open problems at any time. "