Retail owners do the right way to sideline

in order to increase revenue, and now many shopkeepers in the retail business will start on the basis of the sideline". In any case, to seek a part-time job is feasible. But part-time must be legitimate, take the right path, or even make money, it will not be long, but will lose more customers and business.

area has a rural customers, shop for up to twenty years. Because the village is small, small population, business in general, only five hundred or six hundred yuan a month income. This is in remote rural areas, there is such a good income, more than enough to feed a family, everyone envy.

is the owner of a seven year old man. Five years ago, a raffish villagers gave him advice. Now the rural free, if in store and hold a mahjong table, not only money, but also sell cigarettes. The old man listened to a heartbeat, bought a pair of mahjong, in the store opened a mahjong field.

As we all know, playing mahjong entertainment can be, but to

profit, is an illegal act. Since the mahjong game, shop popularity "very prosperous", all day long smoky, noisy and dirty. The old man was suffering from emphysema, smell smoke. But in order to make money, they can not attend to health, often coughed, while sellers.

once, several villagers are playing mahjong, suddenly the police officers’ side of the nest, not only confiscated gambling money, gambling, but also the owner of 1000 yuan penalty. "No pains, no gains", if such a thing not to do it again. The old man continued to secretly besottedly, mad about money, business mahjong game. Some villagers playing mahjong, lost money, his wife is not happy, often playing mahjong, but also to the owner of hatred, disgust. In this way, the invisible offended: "God", lost customers.

later, with the thorough investigation of the public security organs crackdown, playing mahjong villagers less and less mahjong business can not go on. Shops can not be opened, the old man had to close the door, lost a firmly Dangdang iron rice bowl". This case tells us: to do business the right way to go, in order to legitimate business, happy to make money. If the abandoned way, go crooked ways will be "blocked" sooner or later.

although for many shopkeepers who carry out "sideline" in the current market is very popular, after all, an industry is a competitive, business is not good to do. However, this "sideline" can not punish the law, not recognized. So, if the owners want to do retail owners, but also to take the right path oh.