Silver craze has opened a European silver shop into a business choice

silver wear, benefits, this is a lot of people are very familiar with, however, so silver products since the style is not very attractive, but for the general public is the price is high, so the market has been not very good. However, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, and the European silver is also very unique, so the market has become the ultimate form of hot.

upfront investment amount of 100 thousand yuan, of which the first was the purchase of 50 thousand yuan, 25 thousand yuan to pay for the counter (or store) rent, renovation, 25 thousand yuan for liquidity. European fashion silver jewelry gross profit of 40%, a year is expected to about 200 thousand yuan of net profit.

location requirements: 1, the preferred downtown business district; elected local well-known large-scale shopping mall or a busy street. 2, the best location on the third floor (including) the following. 3, shop area: not less than the design of the 14 panels (including) above, that is greater than 5 square meters; 4, the location of the people flow: the floor or the total flow of 50%-60%. 5, the counter opened in the mall, to avoid the same level with the jewelry counter. Because the jewelry counter will shunt silver jewelry counter flow.

to help investors choose silver

see jewelry color: the higher the purity, more silver white, shiny jewelry surface looks uniform, there is polish. If lead, jewelry will show a green gray; such as copper, jewelry surface will appear rough, color does not have a sense of moisture.

weigh weight: silver jewelry density is slightly larger than the average common metal, generally speaking, both light and heavy silver, copper does not light nor heavy. If the jewelry is larger and lighter weight, you can initially determine the jewelry for other metals.

check hardness: the hardness of silver than copper is low, and a lead and tin, can use pin cross area to test the small jewelry, such as needle slip surface, it is difficult to leave marks, you can judge for copper; such as lead and tin texture, then the trace is obvious; such as physical leave a trace and not too obvious, can be initially determined for silver.

if making your own business, in this market environment, would you consider this silver shop business opportunities? Do want to have characteristics, but also with the market, while the investment is not very large, the European silver shop is undoubtedly a very good choice!