Wuhan college students hooked on WeChat red envelopes a year made about 2000000 red envelopes

WeChat red envelopes, in life we often use. But have you ever seen tens of thousands or even millions of red packets? Red envelopes can make their own face debt? How exactly is it? Here, together with the small series of college students in Wuhan red envelopes to do a specific understanding of the incident.

graduation season, was supposed to be looking for a job. The 22 year old girl Muzi (a pseudonym), but hiding in the house all day afraid to go out, just want to stay away from the threat of debt. More than a year ago, she joined the recommendation of the students in a WeChat red group. At first, she thought it was just a red envelope game, and later she realized that this may be gambling, but has been too deep.

last year, Muzi made a total of more than 206 yuan of WeChat red envelopes, robbed of $1 million 960 thousand red envelopes, lost more than 10 yuan. In order to repay the debt, she also borrowed usury, in December last year to find a company borrowed 80 thousand yuan, less than half a year, the debt has inexplicably become $170 thousand. In order to help her daughter debt, Muzi’s father sold the car, but still not enough.

college students hooked on WeChat grab red

Muzi is a college student in Wuhan, tall and beautiful. Parents are very fond of her, give her 3000 yuan per month living expenses, college life was simple and happy.

in January last year, a classmate pulled her into a red WeChat group, said the group every day there are red envelopes, but need. Curiously, she found that the group of friends rarely chat, almost only red hair, hair is red envelopes before the fight luck, there will be provisions, such as the fewest people continue to grab red hair. At the beginning, we are only 30 yuan, $50 to play, slowly addicted, Muzi plus professional grab red group more and more, the red envelopes are also growing.

see the red light on the point, simply can not stop." In order to grab a red envelope, Muzi did not sleep all night. She slowly touch the doorway, but the smallest red envelopes Solitaire, there are a lot of play. For example, after a 500 yuan red envelopes sent out to grab the red envelopes, the amount of red envelopes after the decimal point of addition to the size of the number of two, commonly known as "niuniu". Grab 110.26, is cattle, if it is, is the cow, the cow is seven, or "cattle", or "eight"". Cattle eight than cattle big, cattle seven continue to send 500 yuan red envelopes to continue to send a total of $seven.

per person per day to send the amount of red envelopes have an upper limit, to reach a certain limit, it will not be able to send a red envelope, but some people would like to have a good strategy for the early stage of the game, but WeChat. Each group has a red WeChat group, the main group under the "team", the team had a "car" and "car two", "three car"…… And a number of "riders" on behalf of red packets, in the group only hair not grab. Every time Muzi hit the limit, and the red envelopes, will transfer to the main group through WeChat AA payment, then recommended