Rural cultural industries to become rich money in the end how much

The rapid development of

, no longer stay in the former backwater state, rural cultural industry has become a major highlight of entrepreneurial vision, many entrepreneurs have discovered the amazing potential hidden, began mining industry of wealth.

The rural cultural industry

Feather Flower

1999, due to a change in the apple market, Luo Jia Cun villagers survival apple industry began to decline, when he was deputy director of the village of Luoping was an important information: Beijing, a foreign trade company with "feather flower" business, is processed, the bright color of the feathers and processed into various birds the decorative flowers, is very popular in the European market.

but due to "feather flower" must be Handmade, so the company is looking for a processing point. Luoping after several twists and turns to find the company lobbying, hoping to get the opportunity to deal with this. The other side of some hesitation, the export of foreign products on the process requirements are very high, you can do? Luoping said, we have cut art tradition there, no matter what the women cut, one will see, let them try. The other party finally agreed.

Luo Jia Cun

gradually, Shi Tan Zhen even "monopoly" orders for all the foreign trade companies, around the Su Xing Gao, and upper 8 village more than and 800 people nearly a thousand people have joined the ranks of flower arrangement. Luoping said that we are equal to the use of women’s technology shares, by the foreign trade companies to provide a variety of raw materials, such as feathers, as long as the product acceptance, on the one hand to take money, affordable.