Take measures to help college students’ employment and Entrepreneurship

Hohhot in 2016 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship work is very important, therefore, the introduction of a number of initiatives to help college students employment and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and employment needs of college students quickly look at it!

Hohhot this year will continue the employment of college graduates employment as a priority among priorities, and start the "Inner Mongolia entrepreneurial action", the implementation of creating dream, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial pilot nesting, smooth financing, youth entrepreneurship and the return of migrant workers is 6, at the same time with key projects and industrial development to promote employment and entrepreneurship, we will focus on population employment, innovation skill training, strengthen the construction of service system.

these can solve the start-up site, technology, capital and other problems, business layout has been built up, will continue to increase entrepreneurship efforts this year, continue to implement a good start to lead the program, promote employment through entrepreneurship.



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