How to do a good job in opening the jewelry store budget

open jewelry stores need to invest much cost? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. Xiao Bian share a few suggestions, hoping to help franchisees do investment work. If you want to know how much money you need, first of all, you need to understand their own investment situation, the approximate estimate.

1, and location related

is located in jewelry stores, to maximize access to more customers, open a jewelry store need how many money? Position is very important as long as the local female consumers often appear, such as popular busy shopping malls, clothing city, female stores.

2 cost estimation and profit model

invested 40 thousand yuan for pavement decoration and related equipment purchase; 30 thousand yuan rent expense; open a jewelry store need how many money? 40 thousand yuan for the first purchase distribution; in addition, 10 thousand yuan for the clerk salary and promotion expenses; leaving 30 thousand yuan in circulation.

3, and decoration principles related to

jewelry consumers in the psychology of jewelry stores still have a subconscious choice. Many consumers said the store’s first impression is very important. How much money do you need to open a jewelry store? Decoration chic, rich taste of the store, will certainly attract more favor. To reflect the feminine feeling, to create a soft and delicate atmosphere of women, it is best to have light, music. To eye-catching, visual impact, attractive, so that consumers at first glance.

open jewelry stores need to learn to do a good job in investment budget. Franchisee if you have a clear grasp of their investment situation, then the investment business will be carried out more smoothly. The budget is also very important link can not be ignored, so I want to create success, you need to do related work.

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