Shenyang will allocate 2 billion 700 million yuan to support the development of small and micro ente

small and micro enterprises is an important part of China’s economic development, the state’s support for small and micro enterprises is also very adequate. National small and micro enterprises have just been selected as a model city of Shenyang, said it would use 2 billion 700 million yuan to support small and micro enterprises in 3 years.

for entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work, recently, Shenyang city issued a number of policies and measures to carry out Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work, in accordance with the new and old policy integration, open, open the threshold limit principle, Small and micro businesses around the middle part of a new venture, entrepreneurial base construction, support from to enhance the ability of public services, the implementation of tax preferential policies, broaden the financing channels, to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote entrepreneurship to create jobs, promote the reform of commercial systems and other 8 aspects of the development of 75 policy support. The new policy has 3 main features:

one overall funding to support the development of enterprises at all levels. In the change of major projects to support the premise, the implementation of the central and local special funds for supporting the overall management of the principle of national key support to expand Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation space is determined, broaden the credit guarantee and risk investment Small and micro businesses financing channels, improve service platform and the construction of public service system, and the implementation of employment subsidies and other matters. The base business counseling Small and micro businesses eligible for subsidies, the key industry clusters in the new Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base, giving up no more than 3 million yuan investment subsidies; for Small and micro businesses free hosting roadshows, entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship salon, lectures, training and other business activities and services to business base appropriate subsidies according to the actual expenditure of funds.

the Small and micro businesses in the strong momentum of development, the focus of government support, the enterprises usher in a leapfrog development opportunities. From the capital to the policy, a full range of support for all-round development, small and micro enterprises entrepreneurs can not miss this opportunity.

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