You can use 50 thousand yuan venture project

if you have $50 thousand, you can use it to do what, direct bank deposit, will choose to go shopping or business, of course everyone’s choice are not the same, want to go to business friends ready to invest in the industry, Xiao Bian found some here, and you share a!

fifty thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan venture? What good venture? Ware cosmetic shop

is mainly to undertake all kinds of old bathtub, toilet, wash basin, marble, and all kinds of damaged sanitary ware renovation repair work, investment of about 40 thousand yuan, including renovation machinery, technical training costs and liquidity, 32 staff, covers an area of less, on the door service, domestic bath renovation price of about 180 yuan each only, imports of about 400 yuan, the net profit of 100 yuan respectively and 300 yuan. Renovation of 400 domestic bathtubs or imported bathtubs, you can recover all the investment, tax, management fees, a net profit of 3 to $50 thousand a year, good income.

fifty thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan venture? What good venture? The old furniture shop


furniture use after a few years will lose luster, will affect the family image, but the gesture, and spent a great buy new furniture, than to buy a new renovation to save more than 70% of the cost. Therefore, the furniture "cosmetic" market is very large. In fact, in addition to furniture, people have many life activities after getting old or aging, home furniture to old streets of waste, the acquisition price was abandoned, and not really reluctant. And want to buy a shoe specially placed shoes, ran a number of furniture stores, are not selected to the ideal.

furniture "facelift" the best shop located in urban and rural at the confluence of the countryside, where the rent is cheap, furniture renovation shop can do "shop factory". In front of the store is 30 square meters, mainly to receive customers, show the samples and normal office, workshop area behind the larger, about 150 square meters, so that workers can be applied, but also accumulation of wood and old furniture.

fifty thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan business? What are the good.