Small business opportunities in 2012 highlights

in the past year, the achievements of countless entrepreneurs, but also to countless entrepreneurs from the start to lose confidence in the business, what makes them have such a big psychological difference? Career choice is undoubtedly one of the most important points. 2012 small entrepreneurial business highlights, let you know the new entrepreneurial opportunities.

in small bookstore


operators in sales does not directly allow consumers to see the real, and the gap in the market is large, so the gross profit is relatively high, very suitable for small entrepreneurs to try.

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printed personalized clothing store

now transfer and computer technology together in the application area has been extended indefinitely, can be applied to the blank T-shirt, jeans, sweaters, leather bags, belts, gloves, this technique can also be color pattern, portrait photo baked on a metal plate, ceramic plate, metal plate core, mouse pad, puzzle and pendant other items.

aromatherapy jewelry store

for the fragrance industry, there is a woman where there is opportunity. SPA, aromatherapy is increasingly recognized and welcomed by fashion ladies. In addition to the female market, aromatherapy has also developed into every corner of everyday life, suitable for different groups of people. You can open a clothing store or flavoring, dry aromatherapy shop, or process or DIY aromatherapy fragrance lamp shop, shop, I believe there will be no small market prospects.