How to improve the level of cigarette display

although many of the shopkeepers are now aware of the work should be done cigarette display, however, the level of cigarette display can be really bad, it will naturally affect the sales of cigarettes in shops. During the festival, do a good job of commodity display is to create a festive atmosphere, the key to attract consumers. The majority of retail customers can start from the following five aspects to improve the level of cigarette display.

maximum quantity. As the saying goes, the heap of goods to attract people. In particular, the cigarette shelf, can not be 00 to smoke, but to make use of all available space, increase the number of cigarettes on the display surface, the impact on the consumer’s visual impact, to create a good sales environment.

product serialization. In the process of merchandising, to put the same cigarette enterprises such as Shandong tobacco cigarette products focused on a series of counter display. This will not only expand the consumer’s choice of space, convenient for consumers to buy, but also enhance the consumer’s impression of the brand.

diversity. Can be placed on the counter a number of promotional materials and brochures, so that consumers at any time to read, so that consumers know more about goods. At the same time, can also hang posters on the shelves, to attract consumers to pay attention to achieve a variety of promotional effects.

space maximization. In order to increase cigarette sales, it is necessary to give the cigarette an effective space to maximize the scope of the display of goods to create a relaxed sales environment. At the same time, the main brand and brand focus should have a larger display space and the best display location.

brand diversification. In order to make the cigarette display more attractive, it is necessary to diversify the cigarette brand. The more brands, the greater the choice of consumers, the broader consumer groups faced by the operator, and thus the realization of the sales profit will be more.

if you are the owner of a shop, you are thinking about how to enhance the cigarette display level, but do not know where to start, then, with the above Xiaobian introduced the content, now you know that you can start from what? Whether these presentations will be helpful to your store management?