Summer operations can be extended to increase revenue

in a lot of people think about how to better store operations in winter, I believe many people should remember this summer’s hot weather. No one dared to go out to walk, the street can not see a few people, how to operate the store. So, for the shop, the summer should be how to operate it? Xiao Bian recommendations, may wish to extend the operating hours, which can increase revenue.

these days, the continuous hot weather, hot people breathless. The daytime temperature of 36 degrees for people living in the city like a fire into the basin, as long as no matter will be hiding in the air-conditioned room, do not go out, only to wait until the evening cooler only one family out, go out and breathe the fresh air.

thought of the cold business in the shop during the day, and my heart was as hot as the hot weather. To see the bustling night street and the crowd, I think we must find a way to deal with this summer cold, I decided to extend the Business Hours way to make business improved, only store more customers to increase profits. So business hours from the original as early as 7 nights to 8 as early as the evening of 11, in order to cope with the flow of people in the evening of 9.

tried a few days to have effect. Because I organized a square dance team, every night in the shop to jump square dance. Although the weather is very hot, but we will still adhere to jump half an hour. Since my business hours have been extended for an hour, I’ve been dancing for half an hour. I clean up the front of the shop and make as much room as possible.

passing idle play residents saw us dancing, music and dance are attracted to come, some sitting on enjoy ready behind some stool, twist. The end of the dance to do, people will go to my shop to buy a bottle of water, buy a bottle of drinks, and some children to buy some snacks, the man will buy a box of cigarettes, and then sit in front of my shop to rest, chat. Unconsciously, I found my daily income increased.

operating environment has changed, if we still stick to the rules, can not be changed according to environmental changes, which will have a negative impact on the operation of the store. Therefore, if you want to make the store to earn higher profits in summer, to extend the business hours is a good choice.