Greedy pies solve your lonely mouth

as a senior chowhound you greedy, want to find good things to eat a sumptuous meal do, your piece of cake to specifically address the greedy chowhound mouth. Greedy greedy slobber to make your cake. The greedy cake known as pasta snacks brand stores, headquarters is located in the beautiful Springs – Ji’nan, with Ji’nan’s own "snack city" advantage, combined with modern health formula and modern management mode based on the tradition delicacy on as many small and medium investors favorite food items, greedy merchants cake, cause Chinese fast food to join a new round of upsurge!

is one of the first big cake Chan group’s well-known restaurant chain brand positioning style fast food cake is greedy, and with elegant and comfortable dining environment, meet the nutritional requirements for Chinese customers, taking into account the western style restaurant to enjoy the environment! Ji’nan first catering group through modern management methods and scientific management philosophy, the brand in Shandong, North China, northeast and other places have hundreds of stores, is the most favored by the Chinese fast food brands.

Ji’nan first large restaurant group through the management and scientific modern management concept, the brand already has hundreds of stores in Shandong, North China, northeast and other places, is the most favored by investors of the Chinese fast food brand


products to get rid of the greedy pies drawbacks of traditional fast food dependent technical personnel, strictly maintain standardization, laid the foundation for high speed reproduction. Group brand positioning in the vast number of consumers, the majority of customers for one or two, three line city, especially the urban population, their fast-paced life, this quick nutrition flour cake greedy delicacy to meet their nutritional needs and eating fast, therefore, greedy cake brand has a huge market, and the group every year the volume of business and the high rate of increase.

, another reason is that the greedy cake restaurant franchise brand will provide a series of greedy cake shop support for cooperation include: providing shops and business assessment for you, help to apply for a license, decoration store unified format and layout of the shop, the establishment of financial accounting system, and the purchase of equipment installation, education the training of personnel, operation supervision services, unified quality of product distribution, enjoy the new products, new services, marketing, advertising planning, continuous full support.

headquarters also carefully for the franchisee to provide perfect supporting services, unified brand image, staff uniform dress, uniform store layout, unified management, unified advertising, unified technical formula, unified cashier system, unified brand licensing, let the brand image of the popular greedy cake.

want to start, to join the chain restaurant brand, choose a greedy cake restaurant to join, to give you the best taste. Message to get more detailed information.