Heater ten brands list

for numerous northern city, once the weather turns cold, immediately began heating, although the coldest days of outdoor, indoor but as warm as in spring. However, for countless southern cities, but also need to rely on the heater such products. So, in the face of today’s brand hybrid heating industry, how do we choose? Nevertheless, but some of the major brands in the industry, the production of electric heating products are relatively more secure quality. At the same time, we choose the electric heater, should be based on the living environment to choose their own use of the electric heater. Here we give you a list of the top ten heaters, to choose from:

heater ten brands list NO.1: the United States Midea heater

ten heater brand, founded in 1968, China’s well-known trademarks, listed companies, one of the most competitive brands in the world, the United States and the United States of Guangdong Heating Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd., such as the United States NDK20-1 price of $646.

heater ten brands list: NO.2 Emmett heater

large enterprises, was founded in 1973 in Taiwan, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of household electric fan, one of the most competitive brands on the market, Airmate electrical (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.), such as Emmett HC221 price 409 yuan.

heater ten brands list NO.3: Pioneer heater

China well-known trademarks, high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang famous trademark, one of the world’s largest professional production base of the heater, Pioneer Electric Group, such as pioneer QG-18TP price 180 yuan.

heater ten brands list NO.4: AUCMA heater

China famous trademark, founded in 1987, the ten major electric heater brands, Qingdao Aucma Group General Company, such as AUCMA NS10N price of 118 yuan.

heater ten brands list NO.5: GREE GREE

A Well-Known Trademark in China, China brand-name products, high-tech enterprises, 500 enterprises in Asia, one of the top 100 listed companies in China, Zhuhai GREE group’s small household electrical appliances, ten electric heater brands such as GREE NDY16K), the price of 310 yuan.

heater ten brands list NO.6: Sang Pu Sampux

domestic small household electrical appliance industry famous brand, founded in 1992, Beijing famous trademark, set research and development, production,