For you to talk about the work of migrant workers to return home after 90 Entrepreneurship

17 started working, 90 girls Chen Yi tasted the well-being of society, with the tenacity, her own accumulation of throw the helve after the hatchet home business, opened a jewelry store, the ultimate success of the cause of the dream.

On the eve of the Spring Festival

, as a jewelry chain store boss, is also a young mother Chen Yi put in the hands of the tedious business, a family of three from Sichuan to Lezhi County five hundred kilometers away from Muchuan County home new year.

"Guangdong is the starting point of my occupation, is my dream place to start. I can not do without the development of Guangdong." Talking about his Guangdong sentiment, entrepreneurial dream, Chen Yiru said. How to see her from an innocent little girl in rural Shenzhen started? How to become a peer leader in just a few years time?

In the middle

at present, a lot of people think that after 90 lost the hard-working spirit, the reason is that they do not have the 70 sense of responsibility, there is no 80 Internet generation opportunities. They worry about food and clothing, there is no survival pressure. However, from the 90 entrepreneurs who can still see Chen Yi did not lose the hard work of their predecessors.

to 17 year old age cardamom go out alone to survive, and soon the company suffered relentless elimination. Accompanied by the loss of life security. Chen Yi did not complain, on the contrary, she "react", take the initiative to adapt to the environment, from this point, she is the beginning of success, the company is on the road to success is just out of a small setback. Therefore, when she has this kind of psychological quality, then all the fortunes of the improvement is a logical thing, will not make people feel surprised or attributed to luck.

2008, the name of the 17 year old Chen Yi was the school to practice the attachment recommended to a jewelry store. The store is located in Shekou, Shenzhen, a large commercial. "We arranged by the company in the rental housing, no bed, a bunch of new employees are on the floor." Chen Yi said that when the living conditions are relatively poor, but the vitality of the young city of Shenzhen and dreams so that she forgot the hardships. She was thinking of becoming an official jewelry salesman after the internship. However, contrary to expectations, the final signing of the staff did not have her name.

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