Pump ten brand list

baby after birth, many people are breastfeeding, however, lactation time is limited, in order to let the baby to work in their own time have enough milk to drink, now many people will pump. However, the current pump market will also have a lot of brands, this will give people the choice of trouble. Below, let Xiaobian to secret pump ten brands list, so as to give you the choice to make better reference.

pump ten brands list, AVENT NO.1 AVENT in the UK in 1984, the world brand 500 strong enterprises, maternal and child care brands in the world famous, large multinational companies, PHILPS (Chinese) investment company limited.

pump ten brands list NO.2, Pigeon Pigeon in 1949 in Japan, a large multinational corporation, ten large pump brands, women’s baby products leader, Pigeon baby products (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

pump ten brands list NO.3, Medela: founded in 1961 in Switzerland, large multinational companies, world-renowned baby milk sucking device R & D and manufacturing enterprises, Medela (Beijing) Medical Technology Co., ltd..

pump ten brands list NO.4, small white bear: from South Korea’s famous baby brand, high-tech enterprises, China baby small appliances leading enterprise in Shanghai Ali baby baby supplies Co. ltd..

pump ten brands list NO.5, good woman: R & D / in the mother and baby supplies professional production and marketing enterprises, industry influential brand, ten pump brands, Shantou Xinghe Electric Appliance Co. ltd..

pump ten brands list NO.6, NUK: founded in 1947 in Germany, a high reputation in the world brand baby supplies market, ten pump brands, Hutchinson Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

pump ten brands list NO.7, IVORY IVORY: in 1975 in Taiwan, the national protection of trademarks, brand-name products in Fujian Province, famous brand baby products, industry leading enterprises, Xiamen Di’er Enterprise Co. ltd..

pump ten brands list, NO.8 RIKANG: specialized in baby products development, design and production of well-known brand manufacturers, bottle industry, competitiveness of enterprises, Zhejiang RIKANG Baby Products Co Ltd.

pump ten brands list NO.9, Betty: committed to new products research and development / design / manufacture of specialized enterprises, more well-known baby appliances manufacturers, brands, Wuxi New & >