Luzhou couple looking for money to buy drugs to sell high prices

drugs are a great threat to human beings, it is difficult to get rid of drug addiction, but the subsequent high profits or attract a lot of drug traffickers. Sichuan, Luzhou, a couple looking for their own way, from the outside of the country to buy drugs ready to sell back to sell high, did not expect to return to the rental house was arrested on the spot by the police. Recently, Luzhou City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade District uncovered interprovincial trafficking, transporting narcotics, criminal detention of 2 people, and seized nearly $20 thousand worth of heroin.

in late November of this year, Naxi District Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police found in the work, Xuyong man Lee and are in the process of drug trafficking case suspects in close contact, the 41 year old Lee is a drug addict, had previously been repeatedly due to drug treatment. Further investigation by the police was informed that Lee and his girlfriend Liu understanding, listening to his girlfriend about his hometown in Yunnan, Zhenxiong, there are ways to buy cheap drugs, two people to discuss the field to buy drugs.

will promptly report the preliminary investigation of the anti drug brigade, with assistance from the Luzhou Bureau of the relevant departments, quickly find out the suspect recent activity rules, to identify the detailed address of two people in Xuyong County, West street.

money is everyone needs, but need to make money through legal channels, looking for entrepreneurial project will come to a network, not a problem to realize your dream of getting rich! At the same time in November 30th, the police learned that the suspect Lee went to Yunnan, Zhenxiong to buy drugs, and take drugs to rent a car to return to Xuyong. Police investigators divided the way in, Liu haunt a squat, in the vicinity of the rental housing dispatched. 10 o’clock that night, Lee and Liu duo return to the rental, intercepted this ambush of police, and seized 59.89 grams of suspected heroin white massive. Currently, two suspects involved in the case has been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.

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