What are the different location of the clothing store

said that although we all know the importance of the location of shops, however, a suitable location is not limited to one place. And in different places will show different characteristics. So, what are the different location of the clothing store?


site is a long-term investment, compared with other factors, it is a long-term and fixed, but the location is different will affect the health of a business, the following small for everyone to talk about clothing store different location of what is different?

near the station or traffic arteries

this kind of area to flow off as the center, business as the center, a wide range of business, the concentration of passengers, should first establish a good shopping environment. Such as the store before leaving a larger open space, easy access to customers. This area does not have the commercial center of the formation of the group advantages, mostly single combat, or small groups with. Therefore, it is important to highlight their own advantages. To this kind of shop to buy more customers in order to be, the reality of the majority of psychology, the store should be mid-range or cheap clothing based, such as the general cheap clothing.

station to ride public transportation passengers, but because of the age, occupation, hobbies and different purposes, travel, tourism, visiting relatives, due to the large flow of people, a lot higher commercial value, for each layer in particular, shop management made a big fuss.

but the merchandise must be in accordance with the characteristics of life needs, the price is not high, and easy to carry, clothing purchase, the customer will generally take a long time to wait for the Italy, so most of them will not buy the time between. Such areas are not suitable for the creation of clothing stores, unless the traffic is in the vicinity of the shopping district, such as the Xidan subway station in a row of small clothing stores, will go in and see, so it attracted a lot of customers.

core business district clothing store

in this region, the flow of passengers, passenger, age, a combination of diverse and rich, will have a difference in attractiveness for men and women and age. It is easy to use the center of influence and the radiation effect of the polymerization to develop their own. The bustling commercial center of shops (but not chaotic, crowded) can make the customer to produce a sense of trust and yearning mood, especially for the purchase for the purchase of goods, consumers are willing to buy the store a large commercial centre, in order to better contrast and purchase.

so it’s better to build a clothing store in this area. In our country, such as Beijing’s Wangfujing commercial street, Shanghai Nanjing Road Commercial Street "," Huaihailu Road Commercial Street "and" Tianjin Binjiang Road Peace Road Commercial Street "is the commercial center, its influence and radiation are the cross region.

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